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Welcome to our website. Here you find a lot of information around construction machinery for sale, mixing pump accessories and professional building supplies. There are mixing pumps, conveying pumps, mortar machines, screed pumps and clay plaster machines made in Germany. We offer an assortment of new and used mixing pumps, conveying pumps and other new and second hand construction machines. We like to give an overview of the various practical and special cases of application with the universal mixing pumps, mortar pumps, plastering machines or screed machines UMP1 by Deutsche Foerdertechnik. To inform yourself have a look at our numerous product-use videos too.
trader for mixing pumps, plastering machines, screed pumps

New and second hand construction machinery on sale

We keep for sale new mixing and conveying pumps of good quality – made in Germany. Also we have second hand machines like plastering machines, mortar pumps or screed machines and other used construction machinery on sale. You search for such a new or second hand machine? Thanks to our more than twenty years of experience in construction business we can provide you with professional and individual advice.

Mixing pump and plastering machine accessories

Of course as specialized trader we have the special spare parts and wear parts for such construction machines. Included mixing and dosing shafts, gluing guns for grouting frames, water pressure pumps, injection and transfer hoods, fine plaster spraying guns, spraying nozzles, cleaning tools, sponge balls, mortar hoses, water hoses, air hoses, generators and more accessories for mixing pumps, plaster machines, mortar pumps and screed pumps. All these products are available at our building supplies store online.

Rotor and stator sets for D-pumps

Also you can get rotors and stators for D-pumps over here. There are rotor stator sets like rotor and stator D6 3, rotor and stator D6 3 spiral, rotor and stator D4 3 or rotor and stator D8 1,5 for usage with various mixing pumps of different manufacturers. Additionally you can get rotors and stators for a special using with UMP1 mixing and mortar pumps by Deutsche Foerdertechnik. All pump units be equipped with a high quality made in Germany.

Building machines and supplies store online

At the BBB building supplies store online you can get professional tools and accessories for plasterer, screed layer and bricklayer. First of all it's a shop for building machines and building machine accessories. D-Pumps and R-pumps for screed machines, plastering machines and mixing and conveying pumps be on sale, also different spare parts, wear parts and accessories for this kind of machine types. Mortar pressure hoses, air and water hoses, fine plaster spraying tools and much more building machine supplies are available at the BBB online store. Nice to meet you there.

There is quite a few special information at our websites. If you have individual further queries anyway, please do not hesitate to contact us.