clay plaster machine, mixing pump UMP1 L-Power dual

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230V or 400 V the UMP1 L-Power dual clay plaster machine has a switchable mode of operation. It's possible to use the mode of operation it's needed by the construction site requirements. With basic equipment most helpful for processing clay plaster and clay products, with the interchangeable material container ready for using as mixing pump, plastering machine and screed machine with all conventional construction materials.

type of machine
L-Power dual
using as:
clay plaster machine
mixing pump
plastering machine
conveying pump
screed machine
power connection
mode of operation:
specific features:
clay plaster machine
for universal
machine weight
only 157 kg
technical data:
basic equipment:
recommended accessories:
mixing pump equipment, material container

material container
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equipment for mixing pumps, transport box

transport box
for mixing pumps
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spraying gun for cleaning mixing pumps

spraying gun
for cleaning
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