mixing and conveying pump UMP1 Singlepower Z

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UMP1 Singlepower Z the mixing and conveying pump for grouting, jointing and backfilling. With a 230V, 16A power connection it's possible to use wherever missing a 400V power supply. The UMP1 Singlepower Z works nearly with the same performance like mixing pumps with a 400V power connection. An upgrade for plastering and rendering can be done.

type of machine
Singlepower Z
using as:
mixing pump
conveying pump
screed machine
power connection
mode of operation:
specific features:
with 230V, 16A
power connection
without plastering
machine weight
only 135 kg
technical data:
basic equipment:
recommended accessories:
gluing gun for mortar, mixing pump accessories

gluing gun
for mortar
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rotor stator D4-3 for mixing pumps

rotor stator
D4 3
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test kid for grouting compound

test kid for
grouting compound
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